Tagline Research and Development

How do you know if you’re shooting in the dark with your existing logo and/or tagline?

You have a long-standing logo and established messaging for your brand, but wonder if they are still relevant to consumers. How do you go about determining if your logo/message combination resonates with your target? Does it speak the right language for your customer? Does it hit its mark?

For IdentiGEN, these questions were especially relevant to its DNA TraceBack® program, a traceability product that supports the integrity of the meat supply chain. Would adding a tagline to the program’s existing logo boost its power to connect with consumers? Midan designed a research plan to shed light on this challenge.

Illuminating the way with consumer testing

To study the effectiveness of the DNA TraceBack logo, Midan took the following steps:

  • Tagline Development
    Midan developed three tagline options for DNA TraceBack. These options were then tested with consumers in combination with the program’s existing logo.
  • Tagline Testing
    An online quantitative survey was created to determine initial impressions, perceived meaning, unintended associations and clarity/relevance of the taglines. The survey was used to measure the effectiveness of each logo/tagline combination amongst the product’s target audience. Each logo/tagline pairing was tested individually, then ranked against the other taglines.

Research insights lead to action steps

The market feedback from this research enabled IdentiGEN to confidently select the tagline that most clearly conveys the meaning of its DNA TraceBack program. They were also able to assess consumer purchase intent based on logo/tagline on-pack placement.



How do you go about determining if your message resonates with your target?


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