Figuring out how to navigate the ever-evolving digital world is a daunting task for any business. Midan makes it a priority to get the most from marketing technologies, helping you navigate the competitive online landscape and generate real-world results.

Our Marketing Technologies (MarTech) team uses a finely tuned combination of data-driven tactics and specific industry knowledge to help you realize your goals.

Our focus on data drives our omnichannel strategies and targeting. We build strategic insights based on target audience interactions and engagements coupled with big data to form predictive strategies and optimize our campaigns for maximum performance.

By empowering clients to fully utilize new strategies and platforms, we generate measurable results in today’s competitive online market.

Here’s a comprehensive look at our MarTech services:


Social Media

  • Platform Community Management
  • Social Advertising
  • Audience Targeting and Optimization
  • Competitive Social Listening
  • Social Persona Development and Optimization
Influencer Marketing Programs
Content Strategy
  • Content Calendar Development
  • Digital Persona Content Targeting
  • Custom Content Development

Search Targeting and Strategy

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
Advertising Planning & Buying Strategies
  • Billboards, TV, Radio, In-app, etc.
Reporting & Analytics
  • Campaign Reporting & Strategy Insights 
  • Website Analytics

Programatic Display Advertising

  • Industry and Behavioral Targeting 
  • Click-Rate Optimization 
Omni Channel Services
  • Campaign Reporting & Strategy Insights 
  • Website Analytics
E-mail Marketing & Automation 
  • E-mail Strategy Development
  • Acquisition and Database Email List Targeting

Event-Specific Advertising Strategy & Buying 

  • Trade Show Advertising 
  • Event Sponsorship 
  • Environmental Graphic Design 
Remarketing & Display Targeting
Shopper Marketing Campaign Strategy, Development & Buying
E-Commerce Digital Strategy


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