Moms group provides valuable insights

January 5, 2011

Moms group provides valuable insights


Alexandria Tyre

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It’s been several months now since Marc (our Creative Team Manager) sat down with me to explain the concept for a Midan Marketing advisory group. He shared the idea that Danette and Michael (Midan Marketing’s principals) had brainstormed to bring a group of moms together and get their input on overall concepts and specific projects. Sounded like fun to me!

We targeted moms because women and mothers are the primary shoppers and meal planners in most households, influencing almost all purchases. We chose participants based on age of children, income and job status in order to have a variety of perspectives.  The 10 moms meet in our North Carolina office once a month and are always ready to give feedback on whatever we ask.
The moms advisory group, our “Midan Moms,” has been one of, if not the, most interesting and exciting projects I have been a part of at Midan Marketing. Through the Midan Moms group, I have been able to step back from my day-to-day to-do list and e-mail inbox to put on my thinking cap to reflect on overall concepts, like:

  • What type of ads are appealing to you and why?
  • How would you organize the meat case if you could create your own?
  • Do you use coupons? (There are some very coupon savvy ladies in our group!)
  • Do you use a smart phone while shopping?

We have even shown specific poster designs and packaging to get input on what appeals to them.

Here are a few of our takeaways so far from these groups:

  • Each time we are reminded that it’s important to stick with the basics. You may be familiar with your product or marketing messages, but the consumer probably isn’t.
  • They’re afraid to try new things because they fear spending valuable time and money on something that might not turn out well. It’s easier to buy what’s safe and stick with it unless there is a reward for trying the new product.
  • They don’t want a lot of jumbled messages; tell them what they absolutely need to know up front and give a place to go for more information.
  • Do you want a Midan Mom to try something? Put it on sale; give them extra perks, freebies and rewards. Moms want to be frugal, but still purchase good quality products because they are looking out for the health and safety of their family.

So, before you click away from this blog and rush on to the next phone call, e-mail response or item on your to-do list, step back and put on your thinking cap. Who are you really trying to reach? Find those people and talk to them, get their input and put yourself in their shoes. It might just change your perspective and allow you to put a plan in place that effectively reaches your target!
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