SteakAger Virtual Strategy Session

The Client

SteakAger is a start-up that has developed a proprietary technology that allows steak aficionados to custom dry-age steaks in their homes. This tried-and-true method produces a tender, tasty, melt-in-your mouth texture that reflects the tradition and history associated with high-quality beef.

The Challenge

As SteakAger prepared to re-enter the market following reorganization in 2019, they invited Midan to work with them to provide strategic support and direction to help solidify the company’s identity and position in the industry.


In the midst of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, Midan conducted a virtual strategy session to:

  • Evaluate and refine SteakAger ’s overarching strategy
  • Develop SteakAger ’s D2C go-to-market strategy


Through the virtual strategy session, Midan helped set SteakAger ’s direction by:

  • Defining two-year goals for SteakAger
  • Outlining a plan to achieve SteakAger ’s desired results
Scott Kobryn

Scott Kobryn
Founder and CEO, SteakAger

Client Testimonial

“Midan provided us with the opportunity to participate in a virtual strategy session designed to keep our business moving forward despite the ever-changing events of COVID-19. All our progress was accomplished in the safe environment of our respective home office locations. Working virtually with Midan allowed us to define our identity and positioning in the industry and develop long-term goals for success and overall revenue gains — all while keeping our team members’ health and safety a top priority.”

Pre-Session Groundwork

  • Both SteakAger and Midan gathered relevant industry and consumer insights to inform the strategy session.
  • SteakAger completed a preassigned workplace culture index to evaluate and identify opportunities to build on the strengths of its team.
  • Our Marketing Technology (MarTech) team reviewed SteakAger ’s digital assets, including its website and social media platforms.


In-Session Tactics

Midan’s extensive experience with Zoom, Miro, Mural and other online platforms enabled us to create a framework for an engaging virtual strategy session that accomplished the following objectives:

  • Enabled the free flow of conversation and ideas
  • Optimized the time spent with our partners
  • Produced actionable, measurable results
  • Established metrics for success
  • Protected the health and safety of all parties involved
Sticky Notes

Post-Session Follow-up

  • Midan provided key takeaways from the strategy session and outlined agreed-upon action steps and assignments to be completed by the SteakAger leadership team.
  • SteakAger and Midan met for a one-hour virtual review of follow-up documents and discussed our recommendations moving forward.
  • The follow-up documents will serve as a roadmap as SteakAger works toward accomplishing their 2021 goals and go-to-market strategy.

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